Restore Your Rugs to Peak Condition

Restore Your Rugs to Peak Condition

Schedule rug cleaning services in Costa Mesa, CA

After standing up to years of daily use, your rugs will eventually start to look worn out. That doesn't mean you need to say goodbye to your area rugs though. Instead, arrange for a thorough rug cleaning from Brothers Carpet Service.

Our expert crew in Costa Mesa, CA will make your rugs beautiful and clean again by washing out any dirt and contaminant buildup. Plus, you'll notice cleaner air quality once all the allergens trapped in your carpet fabric are gone. Discuss your area rug cleaning project with our company today.

Rug cleaning made simple

Getting your rugs cleaned shouldn't be a hassle. With Brothers Carpet Service, it won't be. You can expect our rug cleaning crew to...

  • Pick up the rugs from your location
  • Take them to our facility to clean with non-toxic products
  • Deliver your freshly cleaned rugs back to your property

All you need to do is arrange the details and we'll take care of the rest. Start your area rug cleaning project today by calling 714-825-0767.